History of Blue-Point

Founded in 1925, Blue Point Tool Company was formed in Wisconsin, United States, as a tools manufacturing company. The Blue Point name was derived then from the blue-coloured tip of punches & chisels formed after oil quenching and tempering. These distinguished Blue Points products from competitive brands and eventually became a brand synonymous with quality hand tools.
Following the successful introduction of the Blue-Point Punches and Chisels, the management turned to their Milwaukee supplier factory to provide open end wrenches and issued this order: Forget competition, forget price, forget precedent; just take our order to make the best wrench in the world, and we will sell them regardless of competition and regardless of price. A short time later the factory delivered their first set of eight open end wrenches and guaranteed that it was IMPOSSIBLE --to break the head; to spread the jaws; to bend the handle; to injure them; or, to destroy their everlasting efficiency. That sounded like a pretty wild and extravagant claim,but the sales force set out to sell them on that basisand sell them they did!

The Tappet Wrench line was also introduced at this time C a set of six double-end wrenches that took the field by storm. They were just what the mechanics had been looking for C tappet wrenches with THIN heads and LONG handles.
Already a strong name in the automotive field, Blue Point expanded to include a wider range of tools to address the needs of the automotive industry.The company

Blue Point Tool Company was formed
Snap-on Wrench Company and Blue Point Tool Company merged to become Snap-on Tools, Inc.
Superior tools from Snap-on, Inc. making headlines in the industry
Forged Steel Products Company finally merged into Snap-on Tools, Inc.

adds new, advanced items every year, even today. All the products are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in vehicle repair.
Ever since this successful beginning, the company has continued to make quality tools affirmed by professionals, together with the Snap-on brand after the merger of the two companies in 1930. Together, they lead the tools industries and owning their tools convey much pride that almost developed into a cult following with professionals and home-users alike.

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